GNSI Conference 2017

I am so grateful to have been able to spend the past week in Asheville, NC with so many passionate, inspiring, and humble illustrators. I stayed for a week at the Warren Wilson College Campus and enjoyed the cool weather, scenery, and plant life of the Smokey Mountains. Lectures ranged from taxa biodiversity inventory, to promoting accurate animal diversity in school grade education, to creative techniques when depicting space art. From sharing art techniques and portfolios to creating a mural donated to the Asheville Museum of Science, this is truly a warmhearted and collaborative group of artists that are passionate about the natural sciences. Looking forward to the 2018 50th anniversary conference in DC, where the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators was founded at the Smithsonian museums!

3D Printing

During my time here at the ERC, I've had the opportunity to try some 3D scanning and printing. The NextEngine 3D Scanner is a time saver; you get an accurate base for your 3D models. I pieced together the bones of a horse's lower limb, and combined dog and grey fox specimen scans to create a grey fox head. We then tested out some 3D prints with the department's Cube Pro Trio!

New iBooks

Two new iBooks have been published by Educational Resources! (see Educational Resources on iTunes iBooks Store)

I had the pleasure to work with cardiology specialists at the UGA CVM on canine heart abnormalities - specifically Patent Ductus Arteriosus, and veterinarians from Merial Pharmaceuticals on the management of Canine Osteoarthritis. Both are available for FREE on the iTunes store. Keep an eye out for more books coming out soon, including one on the equine gutteral pouch, periodontal disease prevention, and understanding electrophysiology and electrocardiograms (ECGs). 

New Studio & Work

I am lucky to have joined a great group of artists and software engineers at the Educational Resources Center at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine! I am a graduate assistant for the year, working to get a Certificate in Comparative Medical Illustration. I have had the opportunity to work on a lot of projects so far, and have been introduced to new programs, including Maya, Unity, and iAd Producer. I've learned about canine cardiology, osteoarthritis, monoclonal antibody therapy, and equine arthroscopic surgery, to name a few. Everyone here has a different specialty, from programming to 3D modeling, so we are always learning new techniques from each other during our 3D Users Group meetings! I've worked on a handful of ebooks so far, that you can find in the iTunes store.

Check out the department's website at

Current Interns and Graduate Assistants at the ERC  Photo by Chris Herron 

Current Interns and Graduate Assistants at the ERC

Photo by Chris Herron 

AMI Conference 2016

I had a wonderful time in Atlanta last month at the annual AMI conference! I was not only reunited with my Augusta University MIGP family, but also meet some amazing professionals in our field. I was proud to represent our Medical Illustration Graduate Program with an Award of Excellence for the student interactive category of the AMI Salon, for my master's project. This iBook on Equine Lower Respiratory Disease Diagnostics is now officially available on the Apple iTunes iBook Store here. 

AMI has also posted the winners here, where you can see a 3min representation of the piece, as well as other superb artwork made by students and professional medical illustrators. My professors Amanda Behr and Mike Jensen also received an Award of Excellence for an animation on Genetic Testing for Xytex, a local sperm bank.


Augusta University/ Medical College of Georgia MIGP Alumni at the 2016 AMI Conference

Augusta University/ Medical College of Georgia MIGP Alumni at the 2016 AMI Conference

Master's Project Defense & Graduation

This past month has been a whirlwind of wrapping up the past 2 years at Augusta University's Medical Illustration Graduate Program! Last week I presented my completed master's project, and graduated alongside my classmates. I am forever grateful to all who contributed to the amazing learning opportunities and experiences; my professors, classmates, family, and advisors from this program and the UGA College of Vet Med. 

I am proud to have represented my program in the Augusta University Jagwire, in an article about our master's project presentations: read article here



Acceptance to the UGA Comparative Illustration Certificate Program

I am thrilled to be accepted to the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine for a graduate assistantship position! I will be mentored by experienced veterinary illustrators in Educational Resources, take graduate-level courses in the College of Veterinary Medicine, work directly with college faculty, and collaborate with staff members having expertise in 2D and 3D animation, interactive media programming, graphic design, illustration, and photography/videography, to create new educational materials for use in the veterinary curriculum. Upon completion in 2017, I will receive a Certificate in Comparative Medical Illustration. I look forward to specializing in animal medicine, and being a returning dawg!

Johns Hopkins & Augusta University Student Exchange 2016

I took a break from my Master's Project to travel up to Baltimore, MD for a 3 day Student Exchange and Conference between the Augusta University Medical Illustration Program and the Johns Hopkins Art as Applied to Medicine Program.  We had the opportunity to listen to a variety of lectures and discussions, and network with professors, students, and alumni of both programs. I presented my Master's Project to the group as well, and was pleased with the audience response and positive feedback! 

I am so grateful to have met so many talented fellow students, and look forward to our future careers and to the annual AMI conferences for reunions!

Annual Student Scientific and Medical Illustration Exhibit


I recently attended the Annual Student Scientific and Medical Illustration Juried Exhibition at UGA's Lamar Dodd School of Art, for the 5th consecutive year! I was pleased to receive an Award of Merit for my pharmaceutical poster on the treatment of an overactive bladder.

I enjoyed returning to my alma mater with my medical illustration classmates, and catching up with the students and professors at the scientific Illustration program at UGA. Every year, the students from the Augusta University Medical Illustration Graduate Program, and the University of Georgia Scientific Illustration host a joint exhibition to present their recent school works. The show was on display in the Lamar Dodd School of Art, and is now on exhibit in Pavilion III of Augusta University's Health Sciences Campus. 

Vesalius Trust Research Grant

Vesalius Trust

Vesalius Trust

I am honored to receive a research grant from the Vesalius Trust for my master's project research! I proposed this project last year, after planning and consulting with my content advisor, Dr. Erin Beasley at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. This in-progress project will be an iBook on Equine Lower Respiratory Disease Diagnostics, for use by 3rd year students. My research will study the effectiveness of integrating multiple visual and textual teaching materials into a single, portable iBook platform to teach anatomical concepts of respiratory disease pathology and the psychomotor skills necessary for comprehensive evaluation and diagnostics. The Vesalius Trust provides educational funding for visual communication in the health sciences and awards scholarships based on scholastic achievement and project merit. I am honored to have been recognized, and look forward to my project's completion and results!