Each project includes consultation, research, and development of a solution. Each client receives personal consultation throughout project creation, including concept development, design, initial sketches and/or storyboards, and final product in deliverable format. Each project is hand tailored to solving your unique communication problem and educating your intended audience. Together, we create the most effective visual solution.


Products are created in a variety of deliverable formats, including posters, book figures, journal infographics and cover artwork, brochures, legal boards, animations, interactive models, eBooks, and presentations. Techniques in traditional and digital media are used, including pen, watercolor, graphite, carbon dust, computer graphic software, and 3D modeling and sculpting programs.

Subject matter includes any science or healthcare field topic.

Scientific illustrations are images that reveal biological, molecular, ecological, chemical, physical, and space science topics for education.

Graphic Design artwork serves as visual representations of research data, consumer information, patient education, infographics, advertising, or poster layouts.

Anatomical posters, book figures, or images use labels, color highlights, cross sections, and interactivity to reveal anatomical features of the body, including variations and pathological states.  

Surgical procedure illustrations and animations clarify steps of an operation, including relevant anatomy, tools and equipment handling, and intended outcome. This artwork serves as not only resident, physician assistant, and surgeon training, but also patient education.

Medical Legal exhibits serve as demonstrative evidence to support the defense or plaintiff of  personal injury or medical malpractice case by teaching the jury specific anatomical and medical concepts related to each case, in order for the jury to make informed opinions.

Pharmaceutical posters and animations market pharmaceutical drugs by clarifying molecular mechanisms to prescribing doctors.

Device posters, animations, and plates market surgical instruments and devices to doctors, by revealing their operation and function in healthcare procedures.